Our Services and Application Procedure


Initial Consultation

To determine if you are qualified to immigrate to Canada, as a first step we will analyze your case. Since we use the same guidelines as the visa officers do, our assessment is a key step in your application. You may request this analysis by our free assessment, by telephone, by fax or in person.


When you decide to proceed, your assigned representative will guide you in gathering the key information and presenting it in the best possible way. We will file your application and act as your Canadian representative. Although most of our clients did not have to attend an interview, if one is required, we will prepare you for it.

At every step we are here to assist you until you settle down in your new home in Canada. Since every case is different, the fees for our services vary by case. If you are not successful in gaining permanent residency, our fees will be refunded to you. We will explain this policy to you in detail when you become our client.

Admittedly, even the Government of Canada acknowledges in its own writing that “When lawyers and consultants present their clients’ cases in a clear and concise manner, processing is expedited and simplified” – (Canadian Embassy, Moscow, “Guidelines For Representatives” – October 28, 1996).

Most clients have no idea what a lawyer or immigration consultant does for his case. And many of them don’t tell you, because they don’t want you to know!

We believe you have a right to know what your Canadian Representative does. To have your consultant explain the law, the process, and your options, in plain language.To be able to ask questions, and get reliable answers. To look out for your interests at all times.



The Skilled worker Immigration Program was designed to promote the Canadian economy by attracting educated and skilled workers to Canada. Under this program, applicants are assessed on 6 factors:


Each criterion is assigned a specific number of points. Generally an applicant must have at least 67 points to be selected as an Independent Immigrant.

However, a visa officer has a general discretion to issue an immigrant visa to an applicant who has less than 67 points if the applicant can show that he has a great chance (and ability) of becoming successfully established in Canada. An Applicant must have a minimum of one year’s work experience in a skilled occupation and proof of adequate transferable funds.

a) Investor (Federal and Quebac)

Note: The Federal Immigrant Investor Program is now closed as 700 complete applications have been received at the Centralized Intake Office. This new annual cap was introduced through ministerial instructions, which came into force on July 1, 2011. The cap will reset on July 1, 2012, unless otherwise indicated in a future ministerial instruction. The cap does not apply to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

To qualify as an Investor, applicants destined for any province in Canada other than the Province of Quebec must meet 3 conditions:

1. Must have “Business Management Experience of at least 2 years ”.
2. Must have a legally obtained net worth of $1,600,000 CDN ; and
3. Must invest $800,000 without interest for 5 years into the Federal Immigrant Investor program/Quebec Provice Immigrant Investor Program. Many banks will lend you money to invest in the fund, so that you just need a down payment of about $200,000 CDN

Federal Investor Immigrants must also earn at least 35 points on the Investor/ Entrepreneur Point Assessment Grid. Investor Immigrants destined for Quebec must apply to immigrate under the Quebec Investor Immigrant Program.

b) Entrepreneur Immigration
Note: CIC has temporarily stopped accepting applications for the federal entrepreneur program. Only applications received before July 1, 2011, will be processed. This suspension will continue until further notice. However provincial entrepreneur program is still open.

To qualify as an Entrepreneur, you must show that:
1. Have “Business Management Experience of at least 2 (two) years”;
2. Have a legally earned net worth of $300,000 CDN; and
3. Agree in writing that for one year in the first 3 years after you arrive in Canada:

i) Invest in and control at least 33 1/3% of a qualifying Canadian Business;
ii) provide active and ongoing management of the qualifying Canadian Business, and
iii) create at least one additional full-time job in that business for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, other than you and your family.
In addition, Entrepreneurs must obtain an assessment of at least 35 points, in accordance with the Investor/Entrepreneur Point Grid.
Entrepreneurs will also have to report to CIC of their efforts to comply with their conditions.
Family members will have to comply with the conditions as well.

C) Self-Employed Immigration
The self -employed category has been redefined in order to only include immigrants who can make an artistic or cultural contribution, farmers and world-class athletes.
In view of the new regulations, self-employed means an immigrant who intends and has the ability to create an employment opportunity for himself and will make a significant contribution to the cultural or artistic life of Canada, or intends and has the ability to establish or purchase an agricultural business in Canada that will create an employment opportunity for himself.

Please review this business class comparison chart for details (pdf document, requires Acrobat reader).
Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications :
To initially qualify, an investor must:
• prove the origin of the investment amount ($500,000) and costs ($65,000). Documentation is required, supporting the legal source and path of funds and method of accumulation.
• make an investment of $500,000, plus costs of $65,000. This amount will be held in trust and returned, without deduction or interest, if the applicant is refused a United States permanent resident visa.
• maintain his investment for a period of five years.
• accept that the government prohibits a guaranteed investment return or guarantees that eliminate all investment risk.

• have no prior criminal convictions or immigration violations.
• have no major health issues, and pass a standard medical test.
• intend to spend a minimum of 90 days per year in the United States (required to maintain residency status).
Once US attorney has received all necessary signed forms and documents, its team of experienced lawyers will complete the immigration process within approximately nine to twelve months.

Malaysia My Second Home Program ( 10 year renewable Social Visit Pass )
Required amount to be invested for a period of 10(ten) years. All funds needed to be transferred only after confirmation of visas for you and entire family members. No advance deposit is required if you apply through us.

Eligibility criteria and qualifications:

a. Applicant’s age above 50 years old;
i. Minimum amount of saving in bank is RM 350,000.
ii. Minimum amount of monthly income RM 10,000.
iii. Investment amount RM 150,000, applicant can withdraw RM 50,000 after one year of initial investment.

b. Applicant’s age below 50 years old;
i. Minimum amount of saving in bank is RM 500,000.
ii. Minimum amount of monthly income RM 10,000.
iii. Investment amount RM 300,000, applicant can withdraw RM 150,000 after one year of initial investment.

Family Class Immigration
Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Canada, 18 years of age or older, may sponsor close relatives or family members who want to become permanent residents of Canada. You can sponsor relatives or family members from abroad if they are:

• Spouse, common-law or conjugal partners 16 years of age or older
• Parents and grandparents
• Dependent children including adopted children
• Children under 18 years of age whom you intend to adopt
• Brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or grandchildren who are orphans, under the age of 18 and not married or in a common-law relationship and any other relative if you have none of the above relatives or family members, either in Canada or abroad.

Immigration through Scotia
Scotia will make your dream come true with utmost dedication and professionalism. Here you can find the procedure we maintain to ensure your success as well as ours –
• Once you contact us directly or through our authorized representatives regarding your desire to immigrate to Canada, you will be asked provide us with the detailed resume explaining your job responsibilities, educational background and proof of English/French language or you can log on to our website and fill out the free assessment form.
• We review your qualifications and determine which category will suit you more or best for you to apply for the Canadian immigration.
• Once we are convinced that you have an outright chance to qualify in one of the categories of immigration, we officially let you know our decision explaining your present status with score and we encourage you to apply for the immigration.
• We provide you with all the terms and conditions including the Retainer’s agreement and fees chargeable for the services of our firm for your review.
• If you decide to retain our services for immigration purpose, you need to sign and date the Retainer’s agreement and send it back to us. You will get a copy of the agreement. At this time First installment of our fees is due.
• You will be issued a receipt for the payment and a package consisting all the guidelines including application forms, documents check list, govt. fees instruction, things to do before we submit your application etc.
• When we receive all required documents, we start preparing your application. All necessary documents should accompany your application at the time of initial submission to the visa post. Therefore, you are requested to provide us all documents before we can submit your file.
• Once the application is completed by us, a copy will be send to you along with the original application forms for your review and if any correction needed on your file you must inform us at this point. If all information is accurate, you and your dependent (if applicable) need to sign and date it.
• We submit your file in the visa office responsible for your region with a covering letter explaining your qualification in details. A copy of the final submission is sent to you for your record.
• Within 6-8 weeks you can expect to receive an Acknowledgement Letter including your file number from the concerned visa office. It assures you that your application was submitted perfectly and accepted after initial screening by the visa office. At this time Second installment of our fees is due.
• During the time when your application is being processed we will update you frequently about your status and we will also guide you to upgrade your skills to adjust with the Canadian system. Any query from your end will be answered within 24 hrs. We guarantee you accessibility at any time and our down-to-earth relationship with clients.
• Make sure you let us know any changes that occur in your personal or professional life during the course of processing your application so that we could immediately notify those to the visa office.
• Processing time varies from 8-24 months depending upon which visa office is dealing your case. Once the processing is over, you will be called for a personal interview with the visa officer or medical papers will be issued in your favor if no interview is required. Everything will be notified to you through us. At this time Third installment of our fees is due.
• After your successful interview with the visa officer or completion of medical checks by the authorized physician in your city, it takes roughly 04-06 months to have your immigrant visa issued. So you receive your immigrant visa and your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) about that time. At this time Fourth and Final installment of our fees is due.
• You should make travel arrangements to become landed immigrant in Canada. Your visa is valid for 1 year from the date of the medical examination. Immigrant visa can not be extended.
• From the day you land in Canada, we will be with you in every step towards your initial settlement in Canada. We will make sure you can settle down and call Canada your home as quickly as possible.

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